Love Is…


*WARNING* This post contains the word ‘fart’.

Since I’ve been on the decaf I’ve not been a morning person. In fact there’s only a 30 minute period in the entire day when I’m actually firing on all cylinders and then my brain disengages again. I’m also functioning on depleted supplies of oestrogen and this could explain why my inner grumpy went orbital the morning I walked in to find OH’s dirty undies casually draped over the chair..

Two words.

Skid. Marks.

OH assures me it’s due to having a ‘hairy bottom’ though I think it’s also to do with the numerous ‘rump rippers’ he fires into his briefs throughout the day.

Truth be told – I’ve yet to come across a male who hasn’t left varying degrees of skiddery in his underpants. Having been married twice and birthed three sons- I’ve witnessed more skidmarks than Brands Hatch, but apparently I can still be caught off guard. So I found myself faced with a dilemma –  did I wash them, toss them, or set fire to them?

After conducting a brief risk assessment (see what I did there?) I reluctantly chose to violate my washer with the offending skivvies. So I shoved them inside the machine (via the end of my mop) and slammed the door shut before they could escape. I threw in a box of Daz and left them slapping against the door on a hot wash while I staggered off to dry-heave over the kitchen sink..

It got me to thinking about how long into a relationship bad habits creep in and according to an article in The Telegraph – it’s three years and six months after tying the knot. It’s what is known as ‘the comfort zone’. OH and myself married last year, but we’ve lived with each other for nine years – so I’d say we’re well into the comfort zone!

Early on in relationships people stifle burps and politely leave the room to fart break wind. They take time over their appearance and are considerate to their partners. OH even let me have the TV remote in the early days – imagine that?

Muffling farts with a strategic loo flush?

*sticks hand up*

However, it was OH who took our relationship to another level the night he fired off three consecutive trumps farts into the sofa while watching Top Gun just at THE EMOTIONALLY CHARGED MOMENT THAT GOOSE DIES!


This is real life and real life is..

  • Morning breath that could strip the paint off a barn door. (including your own)
  • Watching the light of your life floss his/her undercarriage WITH THEIR UNDERPANTS.
  • Sniffing what’s left of the crotch of your leggings (with elastic bits pinging out) to see if you can get another day out of them.
  • Shuffling around the house in tea-stained dressing gowns or worse – onesies.
  • Strolling round the house in saggy man/woman pants or worse – onesies.
  • Leaving your ‘trimmings’ in the bath.
  • Toenail clippings on the floor.

The first time OH clipped his toenails off onto the carpet, I had to hold myself back from grievously bodily harming him as one of the talons pinged it’s way into my wine glass – although OH was oblivious to it as he was deep in concentration tackling his big toe at the time.

If my Dad had given himself a pedicure over my mother’s Axminster carpet – he’d have needed those clippers surgically removed. Truth.

Clipping your hoofs in front of your OH is most definitely NOT bringing sexy back!


Everybody does it, but the female of the species generally do it in private whereas males can generally be spotted knuckles deep anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

I blame TV’s portrayals of so called ‘perfect relationships because it gives people unrealistic expectations of what relationships should be. Humans aren’t perfect, therefore life isn’t perfect and neither are relationships. Richard Gere strutting into a dusty old factory wearing a uniform, slinging Debra Winger over his shoulder? Only in Hollywood. Whereas Jim Royle picking his nose, farting and announcing to ‘Baaaaaaarb’ that he’s off for a “Tom-Tit” is entirely believable.

Snoring is another thing we tolerate in the early days because our brains are releasing happy-go-lucky neurotransmitters into the bloodstream. However, once the happy juice wears off you could quite happily beat the living shit out of them in order to get some sleep! Am I wrong?

Having said that, I woke myself up snoring not so long ago, so, er, moving on….

After the infatuation dies down is when the real love begins.

Love is commitment.

Love is knowing that your partner is flawed, but loving them anyway.

Love isn’t a bunch of roses or a box of chocolates (or a cactus) it’s a feeling in the heart which no amount of money can buy. When someone loves you despite your faults, you have something really special.

That’s what love is.

OH loves me despite the fact I’m a bit very strange.

He’s not fazed when I turn psycho due to lack of hormones. You know, the hormones that make us bearable?

So I tolerate the skidundies, the TV remote hoggery and general man habits because he tolerates me.

I even forgive him for ruining Goose’s emotional exit from Top Gun!

Because that’s what love is.

*OH sportingly approved this post, but wishes it to be known that he picks his clippings up afterwards.

This is true except for the ones which shoot under the sofa. *snorts*

Image Credit J D Hancock via CC


24 thoughts on “Love Is…

    • Cripes, a onesie wearer. Don’t hurt me lol. You walk your dog in your onesie? Well, it isn’t my ‘bag’ but whatever floats your boat lovely if it makes you happy. 😉 X


  1. Hah! Made me laugh. I’m constantly picking up my husband’s feet and toenail pickings (bleugh!) and having to deal with many other bad habits, but your bit at the end about true love and commitment to each other whilst enduring such yucky behaviour is totally true. Made me think and I’ll try to remember that the next time I’m faced with something horrible! #Abitofeverything

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this post. Love is also someone waiting until the next day to say “you didn’t even cry yesterday!” when last weekend you somehow managed to cry 6 times in less than 12 hours. I have NO clue what was wrong with me that day!

    Thanks for the post and I can’t wait to read more! #abitofeverything

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, yes, yes…laughing, giggling, agreeing and then snorting…That’s indeed what love is. When you love them totally for who they are — inclusive of farts and boogers, you’ve indeed gone to a new level. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Tracy……what a blog!!!
    Didn’t know wether to cover my eyes, run away screaming or laugh out loud…..I chose the latter. Hand on heart I can honestly say I have none of these problems with my hubby, he even goes into the toilet if I’m about to *fart*….. does he think I can’t hear him??? Also, get this, I can’t fart, not that I do obviously, I front of him!!! The 1st time a little one popped out was on honeymoon of all places. It was baking hot on a Greek Island and I sat reading my book…..crossed my legs and one popped out– OMG I was so embarrassed and he just laughed. Boys were never *farters* until they joined the army! now when William is home, that’s all I bloody well hear!!
    This is a blog I won’t forget in a hurry!
    Big loves 😘💓xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL thanks lovely 😉
      I wonder if the army is the link then seeing as OH is ex army himself hehe
      When I tell him off for farting, he says he’d explode if he didn’t. *rolls eyes* Lufs xxxxxxx


  5. Had such a laugh at this! What is it with men and toenail? They either don’t clip them at all or they do it with abandon.

    Don’t even get me onto ski marks. Or farting. Or a kid that can fart on command (usually his big brother’s as he thinks it’s funny)

    Hilarious. But true, we all have our horrible habits, but we find our way through them with love.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi, I just found your blog and decided to start reading from the first entry. This post is hilarious and you had me laughing out loud. I’m single, but can relate through my previous relationships. 🙂

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