My A to Z of Teenage Boys

It’s midnight. A new day has begun. Only this isn’t any ordinary day. This is the day your son turns into a TEENAGER and so the metamorphosis begins..

Within the next few hours he will lose the power of speech and most likely the use of his arms and legs. However, he will retain the ability to eat, sleep and game. The next few years will test your sanity to its LIMIT so strap yourselves in for a bumpy ride but take comfort in the thought that one day he may have teenagers of his own..



The fear of washing and bathing. Note, this fear miraculously disappears when girls are no longer considered repulsive.


The teenage brain isn’t developed fully – especially the part that deals with consequence which is why they act like morons occasionally. It’s biological.


Is what you’ll be by the time they’re 18.

Tip: Alcohol helps.


Often used in lieu of a bath.


Once you were the center of his world. Then puberty called and now you are an utter embarrassment to him. Isn’t it time you were in a home, you geriatric old git?


Teenage boys are bottomless pits when it comes to food consumption. They will eat you out of house and home and still complain you’re starving them to death. Good news! When they invite you to their house (Christmas 2053) to sit on a crappy old deckchair with more cobwebs on it than your reproductive bits, you can get your revenge by wolfing down their Quality Street, drinking all their booze and anesthetizing them with your sprout-fueled farts. Karma, no?


The power of speech is temporarily lost at the onset of puberty and replaced with grunts. Texting by way of communication is an option, but expect to receive one word answers to your 5000 word epic. Forget ‘kisses’. Those days are gone for the foreseeable, if not forever. However, you are guaranteed one on your embalmed forehead when you’re laid out in the chapel of rest.


The reason your little prince turns into an argumentative sod.


I want. I need. I can’t.

The teenager’s world revolves around themselves. It’s biological.


The period they presume you to be from because you are in your thirties or forties.



Teenagers know EVERYTHING. You can die now.


You give them life and you ruin their life by asking the impossible of them, like putting the bin out.


Popular food of choice and possible first job (not counting paper round) which may or may not lead to a managerial position within the first day.


Or other gaming console. Your teen must be plugged into this machine for at least eight hours a day to maintain their vital signs.


An oversized babygro which some teenage boys like to lounge around in while watching programmes about big-breasted vampires.


Bedroom. Derived from cesspit, as in, an underground hole that stinks. Enter at your own risk, preferably wearing full bio-hazard suit.



A 1950s hairdo that’s seen a bit of a revival. The teenage boy either can’t be arsed faffing around with his barnet OR or he has the entire range of products in Superdrug’s hair section at his disposal and goes out looking like Justin Bieber.

Elvis, Morrissey and my Dad all rocked the quiff, though not necessarily at the same time.


Mozzer, not AS quiff as it was in the 80s, but still a quiff.


Teenagers tend to go through a manners malfunction stage and like to mutter expletives under their breath which bat-eared mothers NEVER fail to hear. I once told mine to sod off. I was upstairs, she was in the next town. She heard me.


Even the laziest of teenagers can shift faster than a greyhound out of a trap when threatened with the confiscation of their games console.


Teenagers can rack up more hours asleep than a sloth if given the chance. It’s biological.


The young teenage male will happily wear the same pair of pants for a week month. Parental intervention (nagging) is essential during this phase to maintain their hygiene and your sanity.


Teenagers + alcohol = projectile vomit + stolen traffic cones



A phrase often used by teens when asked to wash up when they are trying to rid the world of zombies.

X Rated

Starts off with the undies section in your catalogue. Before you know it they’re going blind staring at heaving bosoms on the internet. Once the bed-sheets begin self-starching you know your little prince is gone forever. Weep for innocence lost then dry your eyes and get them to strip their own beds. *shudders*


An uncultured arse-biscuit who hangs around outside Co-ops laughing at pensioners and trying to impress girls. This is the type of teen who goes on Jeremy Kyle for a paternity test and a free bargain bucket meal. If your son ever turns up with one of these creatures in tow (or, worse, becomes one) write him out of the will and rent out his room.


Sods Law (or Karma) says that teenage lads will suffer an outbreak of pus-ridden zits when they least want them, like on a date with Courtney (who drops the u and the y and adds an e) from up the road and that’s not all she drops if you get my drift? One word, people.


‘What’s that, Dear? You’ve run out of Clearasil and Lynx?’

‘Oh my God! How did that happen?’


You know it makes sense.

DISCLAIMER: This post is based on my own experiences as a mother, sister and observer with poetic license thrown in. Obviously, not all teenage boys are into girls, gaming or big-breasted vampires.

Images Via Creative Commons


16 thoughts on “My A to Z of Teenage Boys

  1. Oh TracyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, surely you have made much of this up……no? Heaven help you if this has been a *true & honest* encounter of your grown up lads teenage lives!! If you’ve had to put up with the entirety of this blog, this might have been a good reason for your early menopause, think it could have been a way of your body shouting “NO MORE” very loudly!!
    I know your ‘birth children’ are only boys but believe me, girls could make your hair curl as well, girls and puberty equal very odd behaviour.
    Thank goodness and God willing, they grow up and it’s all but a distant memory (well my mind has been well and truly scarred) by some behaviour and visual images imprinted on my mind😳.
    When things have got really bad or the cheek has got too much I have used and still used one saying……..”Well your head came out of my foo foo” stuns them into silence and they go running off to escape the image in their heads.
    Game, set and match to Mum! πŸ˜‰
    Love you dear lady😘xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s based on my own experiences as a mum and a sister with some poetic license and observations thrown in for the sake of humour. πŸ˜‰ Girls? No thanks! I was one, once. I’ll stick to my lads lol. I use the ‘foo’ line on the lads. Doesn’t half shut them up quick ha ha πŸ˜€ Love you too πŸ™‚ xxxxxxxx


    • A few? Likely story lol. I bet you went through most of them saying ‘Yep’ ‘Yep’ ‘Yep’ lolol. I don’t know why I’m laughing. Boy number three has yet to hit his teenage years but hey, I’ll be in a secure unit by then ha ha *twitch*


  3. Oh my word honey that is the funniest post yet!! I’ve had a tough day at work and coming home to read this has put the biggest smile on my face. Seriously…write a book. You’d make millions! Loads of love and hugs. Rebekah xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love this so much! My eldest has the exact Morrissey hair and I laughed out loud at the onesie – favoured outfit of my nearly 13yo, who has to be physically handed a pair of pants on the way into the shower or he will definitely not change them!

    Liked by 1 person

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