A Few Tips To Ease Your Anxiety Symptoms


In the three years that I have had GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) I have trawled the internet and read countless books searching for ideas to ease my symptoms so I thought it would be a good idea to share what’s worked for me.

So, in no particular order..


While diet doesn’t cause anxiety it’s fair to say that certain foods, like sugar, do aggravate the situation and making a few dietary changes can greatly improve symptoms.

When you have an anxiety disorder you can become hypersensitive to your body. Even small amounts of sugar can have a detrimental effect on the body because it’s absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. This causes an initial energy surge but once it wears off the body has to increase the production of insulin in order to remove the sugar from your blood stream leaving you feeling like a bag of shite. Cutting down or eliminating refined sugar from your diet will address the imbalances which trigger panic attacks and will improve your body’s ability to cope with stress.

It’s a good idea to learn bout how much sugar is in the foods you are eating. There is a smart phone app called Food Smart which allows you to scan the barcodes to see exactly how much sugar is in a product. It’s been quite the eyeopener!



Our bodies naturally release cortisol in the morning as we wake from a prolonged period of sleep. This is known as the ‘cortisol awakening response’. Non-anxious people wake gradually over a few hours whereas anxiety cases (like moi) get woken abruptly with the cortisol screaming “WAKE THE FUCK UP ARRRGGHHH!!!”

Imagine having Slipknot waking you up at 5am with their screamiest song (plus scary masks)

Normally, cortisol is present throughout the day but at a decreasing level, the lowest being in the evening preparing us for sleep. It will spike during short term stressors like an argument or a near miss with the number 57 bus then subside again. The anxious person has consistently high levels of cortisol throughout the day which is unpleasant to say the least.

The best thing I’ve found on waking is to get up and move about – even if it’s 4am. I find that walking helps to burn some of that excess energy off. Lying there only makes me feel crap and if I try to doze off, I only end up having insane dreams of headless horses or toilets that don’t flush. Freud would have a field day with me, no?

I blog. I clean. I use the energy to my advantage and GIVE ANXIETY THE FINGER!


Dr Google Will See You Now

Not everybody who has anxiety will have health anxiety but a good number unfortunately do.

Me, for one.

The problem is that anxiety presents with such a plethora of symptoms that it’s hard to believe that you’re NOT dying of something particularly nasty but instead of making an appointment with a GP, the cyberchondriac makes an appointment with Dr Google whose diagnosis is usually terminal. The sufferer then curls up into fetal position and awaits certain death only moving as far as their PC in order to post on anxiety forums which are full of threads like..

‘Pain In My Toe. Cancer?’


‘I’m dying’.

Occasionally some desperate sod will upload graphic pictures of his/her poo for reassurance that they are not dying but as much as I understand and empathise with health anxiety, I really don’t want to see someone’s toilet massacre on my PC at 6am!

Or ever.

My advice would be not to Google your symptoms, but if you really must then type the word ANXIETY alongside whatever symptom it is.

Instead of trawling though pages about diseases you imagine you have, spend a good few hours researching the condition you do have? Learn about anxiety and why the body reacts the way it does. Educate yourself. It will also remove a lot of the fear and once you’ve done that you’re on the road to recovery.

Google isn’t all bad though because you will find great anxiety websites and podcasts.

The Anxiety Guru and Anxiety Slayer  are two excellent podcasts which are informative and help to normalise anxiety symptoms. Well worth looking up.


In my opinion, the very worst thing you can do with anxiety is sit on your backside and do nothing. That’s a sure way to keep you in the anxiety/fear loop!

There is a link between being physically active and enjoying positive mental well-being. It causes chemical changes in the brain which positively alter your mood. Even a fifteen minute walk can make you feel better. ANY exercise is better than none.

I walk as much as I can and do yoga. I ALWAYS feel the benefit during and afterwards even if I might not feel like doing it to start with. It’s the knowledge that I WILL feel better that has me reaching for my coat or yoga mat no matter how crap I feel.

Your body WANTS to move. It NEEDS to move to keep all your bits functioning effectively.

You have all these stress hormones whirring away inside you and they need to be diffused so work with them and SHIFT YOUR ARSE OFF THAT SOFA! Go for a walk in the sunshine or a jog if that’s more your thing. Put some funky music on and flick the duster about. Whatever floats your boat. JUST DO IT!

Be well and think positive thoughts.

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10 thoughts on “A Few Tips To Ease Your Anxiety Symptoms

  1. Great advice for your anxiety Tracy and also that you can be proactive in your life, making positive changes to help yourself.
    I never just use Mr Google, I always type for the nhs website uk. It offers sound advice, from symptoms, to diagnosis, to treatment, to self help. That’s my first port if call if my mind is going slightly mental in the middle of the night……hey, why waste time when suffering with insomnia. I certainly try to return to sleep but you know your own body and after a certain time of being awake, any thought of sleep is futile.
    I thunk we all know exercise, even a 20 minute walk is very important for you whole holistic well being. Saying that, with the best will in the word, even the thought of it is impossible. Suffering with physical pain can make just putting 1 food in front of the other like the thought of climbing a mountain. And suffering with certain mental conditions such as fibromyalgia can be a black day when you can only live by managing to hibernate in your darkened bedroom with your head under the duvet, just wanting for that day to past holding on to the hope that tomorrow will be a better day. I have invested in a large light box by the side of my bed for when I wake in a mood that I can cope both physical land emotionally. Does it help…..I’m not sure but it does offer me the light that I should be getting if I was taking a walking outside in the fresh air……so maybe better than nothing👍
    I think with the stress that the health service is under, we owe it to ourselves to be well prepared and well informed on what we suffer with, 8-10 minutes with your GP or then consultant just isn’t enough, so at least we can cut to the chase.
    You are doing so well Tracy and I’m so proud that you go out with your yoga mat, it must even help to strengthen your mind apart from all the good it will do for your bones/skeleton. So well done you and keep on with it as and when you can!💪👏
    Love you lady 😘💓💜💓xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Sheerie, I’ve heard a lot about these light boxes and I’m thinking about getting one. Obviously when it comes to pain caused by a condition, you need to discuss exercise with your GP or consultant. I have arthritis and osteopenia but walking and weight bearing exercise is good for both and I am encouraged to do it by the health professionals but for anxiety and depression it’s incredibly beneficial. It’s just that with depression the motivation isn’t there and with anxiety it’s the fear of being out and about alone but the more you do it, the more you know you are OK and you feel better for it. Lots of good tips out there but it’s about finding what works for you. Love you too dear lady XxxxxX


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