Somewhere Only I Know

I wake up with a racing heart..

‘For f**ks saaaaake!’, I whine (a bit pathetically)

This time it’s different though because I don’t fear the sensation. It’s unpleasant but it will pass. I’ve been here a hundred times before.

‘Don’t you DARE look at the clock!’, I warn myself, though I imagine it’s around four. I elbow OH in the ribs because he’s snoring like a bastard, then I make myself comfortable.

I close my eyes..

I breathe in for four seconds.

I hold my breath for four seconds.

I breathe out for four seconds.

I reach into the certifiable mess that is my mind and retrieve a happy memory of a sunny day on a beach in Wales. I remove the people from the memory so there is just me. No stressed-out parents, no screaming kids and no Mr Whippy van with his highly irritating mechanical chimes..

I change the weather from hot to warm, because I can.

Editing done, I start to walk along the beach, seeing myself in first person perspective, just as in life. Though it has to be said that my feet are hideous..

There are sand dunes to the left of me, cliffs behind me and the golden Welsh sands stretch out before me. I walk for a while then turn to face the ocean..

I love the sea. It has the ability to take my life within minutes. Ok, seconds, yet can soothe my frazzled mind. The only snag is I can’t swim.

I watch as the waves roll in and out, synchronizing them to my breathing. Then I become aware of my bare feet sinking into the cool sand and a catastrophic thought creeps into my mind. I see myself being dragged under by deadly quicksand. This is because Mum, bless her, nearly ended herself on a beach in Bournemouth. Thankfully, all she lost was a flip-flop and her dignity.

The seagulls fly above me but there’s no danger of them crapping on my head. Nor are there any Carling cans and fag-ends jammed into the sand ruining my view because this is my special, no shit allowed, place.

Suddenly I feel something cold on my leg and look down to see a beautiful Lurcher with his nose pressed against me. He has golden fur, the kind that’s comfortingly rough. His eyes are caramel brown with more love inside them than you could ever imagine..

He starts to dance around me, nudging my leg and woofing like a mad thing.

Play with me?

A piece of driftwood appears, as if by magic, and I hurl it into the sea with all the finesse of a shot-putter, not that he cares. Off he bounds into the waves, barking excitedly. He finds the driftwood and brings it back to me. ‘Again?‘ his eyes implore me..

So I indulge him, again and again until I have to tell him to sod off because my arthritis is giving me gyp.

He hurdles the waves, like Usain Bolt, only with fur. He is uninhibited and for a moment I envy him because he isn’t scared of anything..

After a while he tires himself out and makes his way towards me. I crouch down to his level and stroke his face. He makes this noise, like he’s singing, only it’s more of a howl. It’s dog-speak for ‘I’m happy’.

Miraculously, his fur has dried out. How did that happen? Because it can, that’s why.

I put my face to his and breathe him in. He smells like sunshine. Because he is sunshine. His aroma comforts me and I can feel my heart rate slowing right down. This moment lasts as long as I need it to, then he gives me one last look with those beautiful eyes before he ambles off towards the dunes..

I gaze down to see two sets of prints in the sand, one of hideous size 4 feet, the other of paws.

My four-legged friend is nowhere to be seen. No doubt he is lying in the shade somewhere chasing rabbits in his dreams..

A gentle breeze stirs up so I walk some more, watching as the clouds pass along the blue sky like big balls of cotton wool. If heaven exists, I want this to be mine.

My heart rate has returned to a steady beat and my breathing to normal. I am calm.

I stare at the ocean one last time then make my way towards the dunes where there are a set of steps. In reality, those steps lead to some public bogs that reek of piss but I edit that bit out because, well, it’s a bit shit.

As I climb the steps, I congratulate myself because Fear didn’t win this time. I showed that little shit who’s boss, i.e. me.

By the time I reach the last step, I am opening my eyes and blinking in the sunlight, or dinge, whichever is applicable. Back to life, back to reality..

The brain is a powerful thing. Thoughts can destroy and heal you in equal measure. My brain frustrates me on a daily basis with it’s catastrophic thoughts yet the memory of a much loved friend, who died over ten years ago, has the power to heal me.

The memory is real and it’s a privilege to have, just as it was a privilege to share part of my life with such a loving creature.

The first time I saw him in my guided relaxation, he simply appeared without me having thought of him. Did my subconscious bring him to me? Or did he find me?

Either way, I am grateful because each time I wake up panickingΒ  I go to my special place and there he is, waiting.

Footprints CC Image via Pixabay







20 thoughts on “Somewhere Only I Know

  1. Reading that has made me all emosh lovely lady but I absolutely love it and I hope you keep on visiting your special place with your special friend. The sea is definitely a calming tool and it makes me smile to think of you going there xxx

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  2. Your description managed to conjure up a wonderfully tangible image for me and I almost felt as though I was able to stand there and watch you and your dog playing. then suddenly I felt a little pervy standing there on a beach watching a stranger playing with her dog so I stopped reading for a moment. Ahem. LOL
    Keep it up mate and I’m glad your mind and memory are working as one to heal you and I’m glad your dog found you πŸ™‚

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      • He really was special and he came to us because somebody threw him out, We reckoned it was because his paw was damaged and he could no longer catch stuff, not that it ever stopped him trying lol.

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      • As a species we really are a tad disappointing sometimes. We even seem to throw out or disregard humans that have damaged paws and can no longer catch stuff. Not sure dogs would do it to us if they were in charge. 😦

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      • Humans can be very disappointing and even when things go wrong with dogs, a human is usually to blame. I also had another little dog who was a rescue and had obviously been hit because she used to hide behind the sofa when I picked a magazine up. Heartbreaking 😦

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      • It is sad. I follow several people on WordPress and one thing that often resonates is that it’s due to other people that individuals often feel “disabled”. There’s no reason that someone autistic or any other form of disability or even physical disability should be made to feel disabled when in fact it’s often the NT’s world that is unable to make adjustments.
        Hang on…I’m in danger of falling off my soap box here. It’s the weekend, I’ll leave it there πŸ™‚
        Keep up the writing though Tracy, I do think you’ve got a talent there.

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  3. OMG Tracy, just read this and am blown away because of the text I sent you earlier this evening without having read this……I spoke of the power of losing our beloved faithful Labrador and the effect he had on me. You were able to use your buddy as a mate to get you through your anxiety attack. The power of my buddy put me in bed for a while to regain emotional strength …….. ( thunk this will make sense to you!)
    The brain is a very powerful force and I’m glad you were able to use yours to help you through your awful situation, having said that, it was lovely to share the image of you both at the beach! 😍🐢🌊
    Big loves πŸ˜πŸ’žxxxx

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    • Thanks lovely. Initially, he found me and it had such an effect on me that I’ve used the imagery ever since and it works every time. He was such a special dog, a family dog and he loved us all. He could make you happy when you felt sad just by him being there. He was heaven sent, as far as I’m concerned.. Yes, what you said made perfect sense to me and you needed that time to rest body and mind and I’m sure your lovely pet was with you as you recovered. Lufs you xxxxxx


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