Our Selfish Society


Have we become a selfish society?

It’s a YES from me!

*drags up a soapbox*

Parking Prats

Wing-mirrors are more precious than lives, apparently. Drivers park on the pavement to the point of causing an obstruction in an attempt to prevent their mirrors being knocked or God forbid, broken, because we all know that people can replaced, right?

Living opposite a school we see this kind of douchebaggery every day. Parents blocking pavements and parking on the zig-zag lines despite school notices politely asking them not to and the NO STOPPING sign which forbids them BY LAW to park there. About twice a year the police will turn up and occasionally we get traffic wardens. Talk about rats leaving a sinking ship? Shifty looking parents breaking all kinds of records sprinting to their illegally parked cars!

As residents we accept disruption. It’s par for the course living by a school innit? What we don’t accept is parents parking selfishly then giving us a mouthful of abuse when we politely point out they’re illegally parked.

“Do you own the f**king street?” was one response to OH and I’ve had a straight “f**k off!” by one charming parent who almost had all four wheels on the pavement causing peopleΒ  to walk out into the road. Anybody would think we lived on the set of Shameless instead of a quaint old mill town. *sniffs*

There’s no need to block pavements. You’re driving a Clio dear, not a Sherman tank!

Unbelievably, a parent actually parked in my next door neighbours driveway. Not blocking it, she actually parked IN the driveway! I’d seen her park up and presumed she had permission to do so but then my neighbour turned up (who was usually at work) and judging by state of my neighbours face (and finger gestures) it was obvious that the parent had taken it upon herself to park there.

As Nan Tate would say, “WOT A FUCKIN’ LIBERTY!”

Just this morning there was a car with ALL FOUR WHEELS parked on the pavement rendering it impossible for pedestrians to get past. It’s a pavement for PEDESTRIANS yet the driver obviously considered it their personal parking space.

Then there are those who park in disabled or parent and child bays when they have no child or disability..

This is a genuine question I found on the internet..

“Hi, I parked at disable bay around 9pm at night and I was issued a ticket. Is that possible to issue parking ticket after working hours?”

The answer should be as follows..

Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss Selfish Twat,

Yes, I’m afraid you WILL be issued a parking ticket after working hours because people don’t stop being disabled after 5pm.

Kind regards

Car Parks R Us

Mobile Morons


People full of their own importance who shout into their phones in supermarket cafes while they tap away at their laptops. The woman in the far aisle buying cat food can hear EVERY word as can the elderly bloke with both his hearing aids turned off.

Dear Annoying Shouty Person,

I’m not interested in whose ‘brains you want to pick’ or if you’re thinking outside the box, inside the box or in someone else’s box. I just want to drink my Cappuccino decaf in relative peace. GO SIT IN YOUR CAR DAMN YOU!

They DON’T CARE about anybody but themselves.

Litter Louts

The people who throw their McDonald’s litter out of car windows and flick their fag ends onto the pavement. They think the floor is a bin. These people care nothing for the environment (or world in general) and if there is a hell, I hope theirs is to flounder about in Satan’s maggoty- filled wheelie bin for ETERNITY!!!!

These people are littering the planet and killing wildlife and do they care? Nope.

When I die, I will hunt them down and empty the contents of their bins (especially the smelly food waste one) over them while they sleep. I’ll be the ‘Litterer Finder General’ patrolling the planet and ridding it of littering douche-bags. Consider it extended services to humanity..

These are but a few examples of how inconsiderate society has become but it wasn’t that long ago when people were law abiding, courteous and respectful. Those who died defending our country must surely be spinning in their graves at the state that society is in. They experienced horrors the likes of which the majority of us could never comprehend and for what? To give people the freedom to be selfish arseholes, that’s what!

Louts in General

One evening last year, I watched from my front window as a teenager spat on the floor TWENTY times in the space of a minute. NOT an exaggeration. He was draped against the school railings trying to impress two younger kids with his gobbing prowess. The last one was aimed at my car so I almost put the window through alerting him to my displeasure. The lad saw that I had the phone to my ear and probably thought I was calling the police so the the little shit legged it up the street as fast as his Nike’s could carry him. As it was, I was telling OH (who was round the sports and social club) to get his arse back round home, PRONTO, to deal with a yob who’d just violated my Yaris..

Somehow we’ve managed to spawn a generation who think they are owed everything for nothing. They hang around outside Co-ops being obnoxious and disrespectful. Some don’t know how to spell respect, let alone be act it. To think that lads, not much older than them, were prepared to die for their freedom?

It sickens me.

Of course there are exceptions. There are polite people. There are respectful people but they are becoming the exception rather than the rule. However, it would be wrong to lay the blame exclusively on today’s youth as a lot of older people wouldn’t know respect if it tapped them on the shoulder and announced itself. So maybe the problem is with society in general?

Do we, as a society, actually give a shit anymore?

I’ve lost count at the amount of parents who ignorantly sail past me as I stand with the door open for them at school and guess what..their children do EXACTLY the same!

Am I invisible?

It’s what it feels like sometimes..

Manners cost nothing. Respect? It’s free!

Is saying ‘Thank you’ really too much to ask?

My upbringing won’t allow me to lower myself to today’s standards or lack of. Also, the ghost of Mum would clip me one round the ear-hole if I so much as tried it. I just wish that people would consider others and stop being so selfish and rude.

Our standards. What’s happened to em? ~ Dot Cotton – Eastenders

Creative Commons Images Via Pixabay and Wikimedia Commons

7 thoughts on “Our Selfish Society

  1. Yes, yes and YES!

    School parking is a personal bugbear. Our school tried implementing a 2 minute zone. 2 minute walk in every direction is safe parking. The kids handed out leaflets. Posters went up. Letters came home. Did it make a jot of difference? None. Barely one driver changed their behaviour. Not even when their own child and classmates begged to have their health and safety protected. WTF?!?

    Zigzags, blind bends, driveways. All abused to get their prince/ss into school without a single yard walked further than they could get away with.

    Gonna stop before I burst a blood vessel. Agghhh!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Totally with you on all accounts Tracy, just can’t understand what the heck is going on nowadays…….
    My parents didn’t sit me down and teach me manners, I just kind of knew. When bringing up my children and granddaughter, yes I reminded them of “please & thank you” etc but hand on heart (and they are no angels) I couldn’t imagine them being so disrespectful. As you point out, it’s not just the young, it’s the parents, so heaven help us how their offspring think it’s appropriate behaviour.
    I’ve some pet hates in addition……swearing as an adjective, f**k fills a space in the language, I love a good f**k but it’s used occasionally and made good use of πŸ˜‰! Pushing past and non queuing…..calm down, we will all get their calmly! Crazy reckless driving……those f**kers kill others and not themselves (feel justified in the ‘f’ word there!) Leaving empty bottles at the base of an overflowing bottle bank, just take them home until it’s been emptied. False politeness is a supermarket, yeh gods, please management, stop this training of the cashiers asking what we have planned for the day….wtf, it’s enough to make me want to use self cash outs. The use of self checkouts and check ins at libraries, Drs, hospitals etc, you sit and watch people suffer trying to use these facilities. Not giving up seats to someone who needs it more on public transport, feet on seats on public transport……….
    OMG Tracy, thank you for making me stressed, I can tell you I’m now 😀 fuming 😀 ………………
    My mind is now in overdrive on general bad manners and the failings in our society!
    Thanks a f**king bunch πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
    Big loves πŸ˜˜πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žxxx

    Liked by 2 people

    • LMAO! If it makes you feel any better, I sufficiently riled myself up writing the damn thing lol. i must go visit my lurcher on the beach lol. As you know, I use profanities in my writing as expression but never in public unless I’m going into meltdown and then I might forget myself and eff a bit. The things some selfish people though…f**k just aint string enough! πŸ˜‰ Lufs you. Go, have a tea and calm down. πŸ˜‰ Xxxxx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this post! So very true. So many people just think about themselves. I’ve had a few run-ins with people parking in an inconsiderate way at school and they really can’t see they’re doing anything wrong.
    Spitting 20 times in a minute?! Bleurgh!

    Liked by 1 person

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