One Love

Two weeks ago, a suicide bomber targeted the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. He chose to detonate his bomb as people were leaving the arena. 22 people were killed, many of whom were young. 116 people were injured. Manchester mourned its dead and the rest of the world mourned with them.

My heart ached with sadness that a human being could deliberately set out to do this. That he could stand next to people throughout those hours just waiting for his moment to devastate lives. It’s beyond comprehension..

I know I should avoid the news. It affects me long after it’s no longer ‘news’. It sends my anxiety spiralling and is bad for my health but sometimes I get caught up in things and I got caught up in this.

Whatever life has thrown at me.. music has been there to comfort me in a way that nobody ever can because music speaks where words fail. Having gone to concerts myself, I understand the feeling of euphoria that comes with seeing your idols perform live and I take comfort in the knowledge that those kids got themselves some happy in their last hours on this earth. That means something to me.

As a parent, my heart broke. So many lives cut short and for what? Ariana Grande was also in my thoughts. Most artists live for what they do and making people feel good is a huge part of why they do it. They want people to leave their concerts feeling happy with memories that will last a lifetime. Imagine being Ariana, knowing that children died in the worst way after seeing her perform? That must have been incredibly hard to cope with. Lets not forget that she is only 23 years old herself.

When the attack happened, I’d never heard of Ariana. I love my music but I am out of touch with what’s in the charts. To look at her, you’d think a decent gust of wind would pick her up and carry her off but last night she proved just what she’d made of as just TWO weeks after the attack she came back to Manchester to play a benefit concert for the 50,000 people with anybody who could prove they were at the original concert getting free tickets.

I watched it via live stream on Twitter. I was an emotional wreck watching it this way. I can only imagine how emotionally charged the atmosphere was at Old Trafford. It wasn’t your average concert, you see. It was special. It was about musicians and people coming together and sticking the Vs up to the terrorists. It took guts to be there. Ariana would have been forgiven if she’d have disappeared off the radar for a while. Not this lady. Not only did she come back, she also brought people with her.

The likes of Katy Perry (who I thought was Annie Lennox until I shoved my specs on), Little Mix and Miley Cyrus may not be my cup of tea but they all showed courage last night, especially as London had been attacked the day before. Even though I don’t connect with their particular style of music, I enjoyed watching the faces of those who do. The infinity you feel to someone who speaks to you via music is something I can definitely identify with.

The highlights for me were Robbie Williams, Coldplay and most of all, Liam Gallagher –  Mr Rock and Roll star himself – who flew in from Germany to support his city. The music changed to a distinct ‘rock like feel’ and my first thought was, ‘OMG, Oasis?’ Just as I was about to reach for my Beta-Blockers, Liam strolled on stage wearing his orange cagoule. No Noel, but we got to see Chris Martin perform with him on Live Forever which I thought was kind of cool given that Liam once compared him with a geography teacher but I guess even rock and roll stars grow up, eh?

Tweet of the night had to be this by Dean Lane about LG.

Daughter: Who’s that in the big coat, daddy?

Dad: That’s an absolute fucking legend, sweetie.

There’s been a lot of flack for Noel about him not reuniting with his brother for this concert. Personally, I feel it wasn’t the right time for an Oasis reunion. Why? Because they are one of the biggest and most iconic rock bands, ever. For Liam and Noel to share the same stage again would have overshadowed everything else. It was Ariana’s night, not theirs. It was right that a concert in support of Manchester should have Mancunian artists on the set list. Chris Martin, singing part of James’ ‘Sit Down’ wasn’t lost on me as James are a Manchester band. Take That were formed in Manchester..

Seeing Ariana sing with the Parrs Wood school choir gave me proper panda eyes. She held a girls hand and when she started to lose her composure, Ariana held her closely. Not a dry in the place. It was an act of love from one human to another but the night was all about love. People connected by a love of music and a determination that no arseholes will dictate their lives for them. The point of terrorism is to strike fear into people, divide them, and to stop them from living their lives. The One Love concert was proof that they have failed to accomplish it. Manchester’s response to terrorism was to sing it’s heart out.

What Ariana accomplished is nothing short of amazing. Any concert takes time and planning but when it involves numerous artists it’s a huge undertaking but she pulled it together in a week. Ariana has my utmost respect. Respect for how she’s found the courage to come back after what must have been a tremendously traumatic time for her, but also her ability to stay vertical in her eight inch heels- an amazing feat in itself.

Her song, ‘One Last Time’ is beautiful in it’s own right but after May 22nd the lyrics took on a different meaning as it was one of the last songs (if not THE last song) those kids ever heard before they went ‘home’.

So one last time
I need to be the one who takes you home
One more time
I promise after that, I’ll let you go

A good thing happened in Manchester yesterday. In the space of two weeks we’ve seen humanity at its worst with the bomber and at its very best in the aftermath. Music has united us in the way that only music can and from my little corner of the world, I was part of it.

Blessings to Ariana and everybody who took part in the One Love concert, including the policeman who was filmed skipping with some children. You Sir, are a legend. This is what the world needs to combat the evil. Love will beat evil, every time.

I’ll leave the last word with Liam, the voice of my generation and one of Manchester’s own.

8 thoughts on “One Love

  1. I’ve had such a mixed/confused reaction to the Manchester bombing.

    Initially it was anger and despair. Then guilt. Guilt that the atrocities in Europe, while upsetting, were ‘over there’. It passed. Even the London attack before it was similar. Heartbreaking, but it was ‘down there’. Life must go on.

    When it was Manchester it was here. My city. My streets. My community. It hurt like nothing before. It was personal. The 24hr rolling coverage felt intrusive and I had to turn it off for a few days.

    Really not proud of how ‘defiant’ I am when it’s elsewhere, yet utterly broken when it’s so close to home, despite pretending otherwise.

    But now I’m proud. So proud. Of the people. The emergency services. The boys school singing and dancing in the park the morning after. The concert last night. And I’ve realised that being scared, upset, heartbroken, defiant and proud don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

    And I don’t need to know any Ariana Grande songs (or be able to pronounce her name correctly) to appreciate the utter joy in the faces of all those children in the crowd.

    Sorry, I’m rattling on. Love this post x

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    • Thanks Mark, that’s such a great comment. It hit me harder too because of where it is. Two of the victims lived locally, one was a young girl. I know that those kids would have loved the music last night. X


  2. My girls love Ariana Grande and now I do too…What an amazing young woman she is! I cried off and on through the concert last night. It was amazing seeing everyone coming together. Well done to everyone involved x

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  3. What happened in Manchester was an all time low were terrorism is concerned, as you know both my boys are in the British Army and I live in dread BUT you shouldn’t have that feeling taking your youngsters to a music event. I refuse to give that monster anymore airtime.
    When I heard of the music event I honestly had mixed feelings on it, parents lost children and children lost parent, aside from the physical and mental damage people have been left with.
    However after watching Sundays TV, I was totally hooked….. OMG, for such a young lady, Ariana made such a tasteful and tactful event! I didn’t really know Ariana or her music but my goodness how it changed after watching Sunday nights ‘One Love’ music event. Music is a universal language and it spoke a thousand words.
    My highlight actually wasn’t any musician or singer, it was Mr Paul the policeman from Durham, seeing him dance holding hands with children going round in a circle will stay with me forever 😍
    We all have to stay safe, love each other and count our blessings!
    I know music is very important to you Tracy and I bet you were besides yourself watching it 🎵🎶🎵
    Big loves 😘💞xxx

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    • I was REALLY emotional. Music united people and it gets to me. I loved that policeman. That was one of the highlights for me too. 🙂 lufs you xxxxx


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