2 thoughts on “Don’t Cry…

  1. I’ve read this saying before Tracy and half of me can accept it but half can’t……
    When you’ve had someone special in your life who has gone, it’s the good time you focus on and that hurts and makes me miss them even more.
    If it’s a holiday that’s come to an end, yes, thank your lucky stars you actually had a holiday, these good things don’t last forever and you can smile and remember the sights, sounds and smells.
    Mixed emotions on Dr Seuss thoughts here or perhaps I was just very lucky to have had special people in my life. When life is cut short too early, the pain you are left with lasts an eternity 💔

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    • I think we all have to cope with loss as best we can. That’s the problem when someone dies, it’s us who are left behind. I got to thinking one day that my dad probably the ONLY person in my life who has ever been able to bring me out of a mood just by him being there. He was a happy man and I know it would make him sad if he thought I’m thinking of the sad part of when I was losing him. So I try and think of all the good times and especially all those times when he held me and said, ‘Everything will be fine’ because when I was with him, it always was. xXx


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