6 thoughts on “My Darling Girl..

  1. Age brings body and mind confidence. Sometimes in the young it can come out with precociousness. Think theses words refer to be proud of what you are in looks and soul, inner beauty as as beautiful as outer beauty. Soul and heart is so important, your worth to others is priceless. Not conforming in looks and thoughts is what makes our world a bright place.
    When my daughter was an older child she didn’t appreciate her strawberry blonde hair and I caved and let her highlight it. But never stopped telling her it was a beautiful colour and she was lucky not to look the same as others……. I knew with age she would appreciate it and now even is fairly happy at her freckles that the sun brings out!
    We are all different and all have something to offer with our different quirks!
    This little poem makes sense to the older brain!
    Big loves Tracy 😘💞xxx

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  2. What a beautiful comment! And I’m glad your daughter is loving herself as she is. She’s a very pretty lady, so is her mum. That’s really what this quote means to me. It takes courage to be yourself. I feel quite sad for little me who tried so hard to conform but at least the years I have left, I can be myself. 🙂 Lufs you Xxx


    • It’s hard work, I know that much but it’s also like asking an orange to be sprout. It just doesn’t work, no matter how hard you try to be like everyone else. I wish I had sussed this out years ago lol

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