Interview: Meet and Greet Monday – Blogger: Inside the rainbow

I don’t know if it’s the done thing to re-blog a post that’s about yourself but sod it. LETS DO IT ANYWAY. πŸ™‚

The Way of the Squirrel

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So, another Monday and another Meet and Greet. This week I have the pleasure of interviewing Tracy from the blog

Tracy’s blog is always interesting and is often peppered with witty and dry humour that often makes me genuinely chuckle. Her honest and bare-all posts are refreshingly grounded and regularly include nostalgic recollections that, as I’m of a similar age, often get me thinking about my own past. I always look forward to her posts and enjoy our follow-up comments-section banter.

So, Tracy, without any further ado, please let me ask you:

Who on Earth are you?

I am a forty-something wife, mother and misfit.

And where on Earth are you?

I live in a Victorian mill town in Lancashire. Technically, it’s Greater Manchester but historically it was Lancashire. I can live in either, depending on what mood I’m in.

So, when did you start blogging?

About five years…

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10 thoughts on “Interview: Meet and Greet Monday – Blogger: Inside the rainbow

  1. This was such a fun read T! Of course Animal was my go to muppet as well. But then I thought hmm maybe Beaker. Or Gonzo. Or Rowlf the Dog. Or Snuffleupagus. I loved this interview, and I adore you more than cheese for the shout out. That was such a lovely compliment. To be clear, I like me some cheese, and I love me some Tracy! You’re so wonderful. πŸ™‚ Big fat hugs from this side of the planet to that side of the planet! Joanna

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  2. Oooo, get you being interviewed Tracy……….does this mean you’ve made it in the big wide world of blogs & bloggers πŸ‘‘…..?
    Do I have to address you differently than just TracyπŸ˜‰?
    Love your answers and love you my dear friend 😘xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Er, no lol. I’m by no means blogging royalty yet lol. I think it’s more of a case of a nice blogger giving another blogger a helping hand because their blog is new. You can still call me Tracy. πŸ˜‰ PMSL Love you more lovely and thank you SO MUCH for your support. You’ve always been here for me and I appreciate it and I love your comments as much as I love writing my posts. BIG HUGS. xxxxxxx


  3. My sister was crazy for Mr Rhodes. Not THIS crazy, mind! Was Nick Kershaw for me. Had ALL his cassingles and Smash Hits posters. Then puberty hit and they were all replaced by Lisa Stansfield.

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