Life in Plastic, It’s Fantastic!


I came across the story of Alicia Amira in the news. I say news, it was the Daily Mail..

I want to assure you that I’m not in the habit of reading the DM but sometimes you click on a link and before you know it, you are confronted with Z list celebrities doing power lunges in the middle of the road or Colleen Rooney’s latest bikini, which, by the way, is black and white stripes.

Anyways, Alicia is 27 from Copenhagen and it’s her dream to transform herself into a ‘living doll’ but not just any old doll. Oh no. She wants to look like a sex doll.

Alicia appeared on a reality TV show called, ‘Botched’. Clue’s in the name. She wanted doctors to repair her breasts after a botched implant procedure left her with a hard boob. During her consultation she informed the surgeons that she wanted them to perform other procedures because she wanted to become a real-life, ‘f*** doll’.

Yes, you read that correctly..

The surgeons were up for repairing her botched boob job but refused to do the other work which included a ‘Brazilian butt lift’ and some ribs removed to give her a smaller waist. As the mouths of the surgeons fell open in shock, Alicia informed them that the ‘bimbofication’ process had already been started with implants, Botox and fillers in her nose, cheeks and lips.

bimbofication (uncountable) The process of making or becoming a bimbo.


“I don’t want to be an airhead but basically what it is, is to look like a male fantasy.”

Here’s what some males think..

‘Errr…Barbie doesn’t have tattoos.’

I’d argue that technically she can. All you need is a three year old and a Sharpie.

She looks like a trucker’.

‘Its a brain replacement op you need luv.’

‘Makes me embarrassed to be a Dane’

‘Most men would’

There’s ALWAYS one.

Alicia had her boobs inflated to 650CCs and she now has to wear lead boots to keep her from becoming airborne. JOKING!

As boobs go. They are E-NORMOUS.

Thankfully, the surgeons of Botched were unwilling to assist her in her quest to become a living f*** doll and they informed her of the risks to her health should she go through with the procedures. Unfazed, Alicia told them that she would just get the jobs done somewhere else and you can bet your flabby butts that there will some unscrupulous back street surgeon who will be only too happy to fulfill her wish – for the right price.

‘At one point I even thought about sewing my fingers together because that would create a doll hand.’ย 

I’ll run that one past you again..

‘At one point I even thought about sewing my fingers together because that would create a doll hand.’ย 

Doreen, did she really just say that?

I haven’t included a picture of Alicia because of copyright shizzle so you might want to Google ‘Botched’ to come to your own conclusions?

This is a MENTAL DISORDER. Any person who chooses to mutilate themselves in order to look like an inanimate object needs PSYCHIATRIC HELP.

THIS made my blood run cold..

‘I want to look as plastic as possible and inspire other girls to do the same.’

Oh no you frickin don’t, Barbie Girl!

This is NOT what a woman looks like!

Real women have flab and fingers that move independently.


The majority of men don’t appear to find the Barbie sex-doll look attractive but there will always be the exceptions. After all, there is a market for kinky stuff, no? Like the woman who is offering home-made jam in return for some bloke allowing her to ‘fart into his penis hole’.

No words, right?

Me? I find the whole ‘sex-doll’ thing most unsavory. However, if a Nick Rhodes one was to come onto the market I might be tempted? Then again, I prefer the idea of inflatable ones that you can chuck in the drawer when you’ve done. Either that or sod the whole idea altogether and have a cup of tea, eh?

What about you? Does the Barbie/Ken doll look float your boat?

Images via Creative Commons

12 thoughts on “Life in Plastic, It’s Fantastic!

    • There are a few of these ‘dolls’ about. I’m weird but this is off the scale weird, not to mention, unhealthy. The girl needs help. Now, I’m off to blow up my Sean Bean doll. ๐Ÿ˜‰ X

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  1. That’s just plain shocking both on her need to be this ‘thing’ and that she can pay for a doctor/surgeon (maybe using the word doctor lightly) to entertain her requirements when obviously she needs help in her head. Looks etc are subjective and i do understand it wouldn’t do with us to all be the same. What I do know is that we are and we alter with age but if we’re in the right relationship we grow old disgracefully between us! We are humans first & foremost not ‘made to measure’ sex objects! My heart would break if someone in my family thought so little of themselves they would be prepared to go to these measures.
    Big loves ๐Ÿ˜˜Xxx

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    • Exactly. I would shit myself if this was my daughter. What scares me is that thanks to social media, she has a public platform in which to encourage other girls to do the same thing because it looks good? It really doesn’t. Look what happened to poor Pete Burns? Good looking fella when he started out. You not into the blow up dolls then, Sheerie? ๐Ÿ˜‰ xxx


  2. As boat floating goes, the Barbie doll doesn;t do it for me.
    I’ve never quite understood this need for people to look like anything other than they were intended to look. Yes, I know that the media has a bloody lot to answer for in all this and yes I certainly understand that some people want to change their appearance because they are unhappy with their looks which causes them stress or worse. So I certainly wouldn;t judge someone for changing their looks but it is a shame that people feel the need to do it. As for me, give me good old fashion wrinkles, saggy boobs and a cheeky smile and I’m happy. It’s not a requirement, of course, I’m just saying I want a woman to be a woman.

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    • It can only be a form of mental illness. I remember when Pam Anderson started turning plastic and I couldn’t understand why a pretty woman would want to do that? It has to be a psychological thing, no? The danger is that these women encourage others to do it and that’s scary. We already have a generation of males who think that the female form looks like the girls in Nuts. It’s not. It’s an airbrushed distortion of the female form. Or it’s part plastic. I’m with you. A face of a certain age should have wrinkles and it’s hard to smile when your face is frozen. I fly the flag for keeping it real lol


      • Totally agree about natural aging. If someone has a real emotional issue because they’re not happy that they’re, say, flat chested, then I get that. However, if still rather someone who wasn’t perfect but was happy with themself
        I think beyond that it is a mental health issue. People who fill themselves with plastic and poisons until they look like something out of an early Hammer Horrk production….well let’s just say it doesn’t float my boat.
        I hope we can one day come through the other side if this and be able to look back on how barbaric our press and media in general were. Highly unlikely though.

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  3. Of course. Plastic surgery is a God send for those who need it. Flat chested comes into that category, as does having boobs that are too big. Or facial defects, like wonky noses etc. But it’s being abused. Pete Burns was another one. He was a good looking bloke and look what he ended up like?! You have to question the ethics of the surgeons who don’t say no? You’re right. These people do look like something out of a Hammer Horror. Only they can’t take the hideous mask off. They are stuck with it forever.


  4. Obviously not for me to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do to themselves, but if she does insist on conforming to a male fantasy she’d be well advised to court some more opinions as I’m not sure the Barbie one holds true beyond about… 15?

    Speak to me and I’d have saved her a small fortune. Tights/hotpants combo and a thick Rochdale accent would suffice, although my Stansfield obsession is beginning to sound a little… Nick Rhodesy!?

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  5. Oh my goodness! I’d prefer a daughter of mine to have a role model who looks natural and works hard for a living, not looks like a sex toy! She does need therapy…as do quite a lot of the men who would use such a thing. Enhancement I can live with, but no, this is dreadful.

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